Pricing for Retaining Walls Perth

Price to supply and install blocks in Perth metro.

Basic price for a large straight wall, 200 meters long 3 meters high with plans, engineering drawings, and shire approval by client, with a big area to move around in front yard, room to store all materials close to job, no problem with access, sandy area, no obstructions, water is close to wall area, no traffic, with reconstituted blocks 350 x 350 x 1000(big blocks) per block $28.00 plus GST.

Benefits to all

Quoting with plans that are engineered and shire approved are important for the client as well as the contractor.

For the client, You get the cheapest quote for the same job and it's done correctly.

For the contractor, Easy to quote and everyone is quoting on the same plan and all contractors have to comply to these plans.

If you have these things in place the job will be so much easier for everyone.

I will help you through these steps to give you an idea of what you need, And most importantly so that everyone that is quoting for you is on the same plan....

Step 1

Have you got plans?

Have you got engineering drawings?

Have you got shire approval?

If so, Please forward them to us for a quote.

If you don't have step 1 and you are happy with us to to do the first steps for you we can assist you.

If you would like to do step 1 yourself and save some money, continue to step 2 and I will guide you step by step.

Step 2


You need to draw up a plan of something you have in your mind. Then go to the area were you are building and follow your plans, place some stones or something to give you an idea how everything Is going to your plan, move them around till you are happy then measure it all then write it on you plan.

Step 3

Engineer detail drawings

You will need to have the shire plans of the house or property as well of your plans you have just drawn. With the shire plans mark out were the areas were the building is going to be.

Take your plans or send them to a engineer, Explain what your plans are then they will draw up some detail plans of how the job has to be built.

This will cost you between $100 too $1000, Average house or property $200 Depending on the detail.

Now you are ready to submit these to your shire, You can contact most shire websites for you to get your approval forms, the price varies from $50 too $1000.Average house or property $250.

Here's a list of ideas to help you think about.

- Were is the wall going?

- Height and length of the wall?

- Is there a fence or structure going on it or next to it?

- Do you want big blocks or small blocks,limestone reconstituted or natural limestone blocks, quarry or diamond cut?

- What's the height and length of the area where the machines will be entering?

- Is there rock in the ground or is it a sandy area?

- Is there any obstructers to avoid?

- Where is the job?

- When you are looking at starting the job?

- How long would it take?

- Is there room to put materials?

- Is there water on site?

- Is there traffic?

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