Retaining walls are the most cost effective solution for building up sloped terrain to provide a strong and level foundation for any future endeavors. As well as adding value to the property by increasing the aesthetic appeal, a well built retaining wall will hold back soil to create a split-level property as opposed to sloped land that can hinder building.

Rock Hard Stone Construction have mastered retaining wall construction throughout 25 years of industry experience and knowledge. Known for our portfolio of simple yet elegant retaining wall designs, our services are widely trusted within building and architecture circles. We specialise in retaining wall construction for areas surrounding ponds, gardens, patios, terraces and courtyards. With a team of highly trained craftsmen, we have earned our reputation as one of the best in retaining wall construction. With exemplary customer service and options for any budget or lifestyle, we are your one stop source for all your retaining wall needs. With us you will be guaranteed of the best of services and the finished work will more than exceed your expectations.

At Rock Hard Stone Construction, we add value to your homes and property through our retaining wall construction. With engineered drawings and product matching, we have completed many successful projects in the commercial, industrial, residential and recreational sectors. With a full insurance and a life time guarantee for our retaining wall construction, our company is far ahead of any competition.

Why not enhance your home through our retaining wall construction, and make your outdoor area a place where you would love to kick back to after a long day's work?


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