35+ Years Experience

Perth's Leading Limestone Design & Construction Experts

For over 35 years, Rock Hard Stone Construction has set the standard for excellence in the retaining and limestone wall industry. Covering the majority of Perth and WA, we offer the best site solutions for government, commercial, industrial, recreational and residential applications.

Retaining Walls

We’ve done every kind of retaining wall project you can think of – commercial, industrial, residential, you name it!


Add value to your property and fully utilise your driveways potential. Click learn more to see our recent driveway projects.

Equipment Hire

Hire our DAF CF85 – 8 Wheeler Truck 30m Grease line and Fuel Bowser with automatic spill shut.

Truck Hire

Add value to your property and fully utilise your driveways potential. Click learn more to see our recent driveway projects.

Limestone and Construction Services in Perth WA

Committed to Supierior Quality And Results

  • Full comprehensive insurance

    We provide full comprehensive insurance to cover any liability to any damages. We are happy to say we have never had any claim of insurances over the last 35 years.

  • Lifetime guarantee on all work

    There has not been one occasion where we have had to go back to repair our walls as a result of our installation. We have always given a full lifetime guarantee on our walls.

  • Assistance with council approvals

    Take the stress out of the application by having one point of contact for the building permit process, completely simplifying the procedure and ensuring a quick turnaround. From old builds or structures needing certification, to new additions, residential or commercial, we can assist.

  • Professional design advice and assistance

    If you need some expert advice for your project, you can rely on us to help with blocks, sizing, colour, planning and design. Think of us as your project designer and construction team all-in-one!

  • Engineering drawings and certifications

    We offer a design and drafting service for all types of jobs and will happily provide tailored drawing packages to reflect the size and scope of small scale residential or larger complex design and construct projects. Our goal is to provide all-inclusive packages that reflect the various stages of construction and development including initial concept planning, through to design development and finalisation of construction drawings

  • Supply earthwork and removal of leftover rubbish

    Dirt and rubbish may seem like a minor task, however it can take a surprising amount of time and effort. Our team will ensure that your project includes the correct process for rubbish and earthwork removal - including asbestos contaminated soils and other hazardous items.

  • Product matching

    With over 35+ years in the trade, we have some of the best eyes in the industry for product matching.

Some Of Our Recent Projects

We Are Proud Of The Work We Complete

Elizabeth Quay

Cottesloe Beach

Poolside Project

Rockhard Core Values

A Solid Foundation built on Company Values

Innovative Soltuions

Rockhard's team of experts constantly exceed expectations with solutions to even the most complicated projects.

Latest Technologies

It's critical to our efficiency and finished product quality to have the latest equipment on-hand to achieve the desired result.

Impressive Design Solutions

We've worked on 100's of limestone projects and have developed a good eye for design and innovation.

A Solid Safety Record

Safety is of paramount importance to the Rockhard team, and as such, every project is handled meticulously to ensure zero harm.

A Can Do Attitude

There is literally nothing we cannot do. At least in our 35+ years experience. You can rely on us to get the job done.

Professional Experience

Experience and hard-work are key catalysts to our success and we pride ourselves on our integrity and professionalism.

Customer Feedback

What Do Our Customers Say?

The Rockhard Crew confirmed what we needed to do along with constraints and problems we could encounter during the build to ensure that the wall we put in was never going to move, risk our foundations or that of the neighbour. Construction needed to be swift with foundations compacted appropriately. Our job went through very smoothly due to the prior planning executed by the RHSC team. Solid wall and it aint moving!
Cheers Guys!, Shane

Shane Irwin

Rockhard Customer, Perth