Retaining Walls Perth

Spruce Up Your Next Retaining Wall Landscaping Project With Rockhard Stone Construction

Every backyard needs strong dividers that provide structure to plant beds and terraces. This is where retaining walls come in! These structures, which range from 150 mm low to 1.5 metres high, keep soil and other materials from spilling over.

While concrete, wood, and brick are all suitable materials for building retaining walls, we at Rockhard specialise in supplying natural stone retaining walls to Perth and Western Australia residents.

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Limestone Garden Beds

As we’ve mentioned, limestone is a perfect choice for outdoor landscaping projects, as the material’s jagged edges and overall rustic appearance naturally complements greenery, while its light, toned-down colour makes plants and flowers pop. On top of this, limestone is a relatively soft stone, making it easy to engrave with a chisel.

Limestone Wall Repairs

Though limestone is known for its ability to withstand the test of time, no material is completely immune to dirt, grime, and other signs of wear and tear. Apart from installation services, we at Rockhard offer repairs and maintenance solutions for all sorts of outdoor walls.

Limestone Screen Walls

Whether it’s to protect your yard from unexpected visitors or to eliminate noise coming from a nearby freeway, a limestone screen wall adds a layer of privacy to your property without compromising your home’s aesthetic – unlike a chain link fence or a concrete retaining wall.

For privacy, security, and noise reduction, limestone is your best option!

Limestone Stairs

With poor design, craftsmanship, and the wrong choice of material, stairs can be a risk for slips and falls, especially in outdoor areas. Just like with the retaining wall, Perth residents often prefer limestone for their outdoor stair projects, as the stone’s grained surface prevents slipperiness even when wet. It cools faster than most materials too, making it an ideal choice for pool areas. On top of this, limestone’s durability makes it a great bet for areas with a lot of foot traffic.

1m Limestone Blocks

Should you prefer to build your own retaining wall, Rockhard supplies and delivers plain metre blocks. Our limestone blocks are carefully engineered for stability, resistance to elements, and durability. These versatile blocks can be used for most outdoor projects, from retaining walls to screen walls to terracing and landscaping. 

Why Choose Us?

With over 30 years of experience in stone construction, we’ve done every kind of retaining wall project you can think of – commercial, industrial, residential, you name it! From on-call repair to stone construction and retaining wall installation services, we mend and craft wall systems that will last you a lifetime.

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